Science is sometimes mysterious and often marvelous. Ahoy !! , I am riddler I am a bit mysterious and I want to make people say that riddler is marvelous. Today I am going to introduce you into the basic of machine learning.

Actually,what is machine learning ? Machine learning is a branch of AI which teaches machines to improve prediction or behavior without programming it explicitly. Okay... thats how nerds define machine learning. Don't raise your eye brows, I will explain it a way human scan understand ( skip the part if you are a nerd or if you know what is machine learning). When my little sister was 2 , she asked me“what is that ?” pointing to a cat eating his midday meal. I said its a “caaat”.... so she started calling every stuff with 2 evil ears and fur a “caaat”. She recognized the properties or patterns of cat. For her the pattern was the ears and fur of the cat. Next day she saw a dog with lot of fur and shouted, “look its an adorable cat” I said its dog and not a cat. And her brain identified new patterns to identify dogs. In machine learning we are teaching computers to extract patterns from given data so they can work better next time.

We are now using machine learning in our day to day life. A great example of machine learning is Google now. Google got a huge amount of data about you. They got your searches over Google, They know the places you visited, They know where is your home. And they have your e-mails . Google uses this data to suggest you stuffs that matter most to you . Hence it tells you things you need to know even before you ask for it. This is the greatest example of machine learning.

Congratulation guys you just completed “The machine learning 101” lesson . Wait for something awesome next week. Until we meet next time , observe whats happening around you.