Riddle me this, Riddle me that...

After writing the last article about machine learning I put my thinking cap and was in look for another topic, something that will blow your minds.

You might have seen some people interacting with computers in crazy ways. They have to do many set of operations to get desired results. Sometimes you have to write huge chunks of codes which not so human friendly and maybe your grammar teacher isn't ready to accept those programing languages. It would have been much better if we could interact with machines with our natural languages, right?. I always wanted to do things in a simple manner because we all somewhere lazy persons, But the problem is our language is filled with sarcasms, jokes, grammatical errors and often they are incomplete and contextual.

How will computers work with our natural language?.

Don't worry those computer scientists who sleeps and eats with computers got something for us in there hats. They call it “Natural language processing”, Natural language processing or NLP act as a translator for you. It will convert the natural language into commands that machines can understand. So NLP simply means that you can talk to your computer like you converse with your girlfriend/boyfriend to do tasks (Maybe computer can understand you better than her/him....).

We can use NLP for controlling and querying the computers, we can use it to extract summary from big essays (A Time Saving Application for our teachers to extract points from our exam papers), can be used for teaching us a new language, NLP can also help us to do our homework by changing the contents of our classmates homework without anyone noticing.